Samachara Sourabha

Samachara Sourabha (Morning News): With the highlights of yesterday’s vital news and the stories that are expected to develop during the day. The news over a breakfast is perfect to start the day with news at 8am.

Nammur Sudhi

Nammur Sudhi (Regional News): The regional news bulletin in the evening is dedicated to 30 districts of the state with local importance. It will be aired at 7.30pm.

Madhyanthara Varadhi

Madhyanthara Varadhi (Mid-day News): The lunch time bulletin is a mid day news with the stories developed till 1pm. It covers national and state news at 1pm.

Samagra Samachara

Samagra Samachara (Prime News): The comprehensive bulletin of the day with day’s highlights and big stories, with prime focus on national and state politics at 10pm.