Saral Jeevan telecasts non-fiction programming with a focus on mythology, history and insights from Indian heritage & culture.

With the objective of highlighting & infusing inherited value system and taking along the present generation through the importance of our cultural practices, Saral Jeevan’s content consists of Mythology, Ayurveda, Yoga, Vastu as science and insights from Indian Heritage, culture & history. Information from the past is presented as infotainment.  The programs offered are diverse, unique, highly informative and entertaining. Saral  Jeevan content caters to all age groups from kids to elders.

  • Our Brand attributes

    Ethics, our value system influenced by our culture and positive way of life are end objective of our programming.

  • Our positioning

    ‘Betterment of Mankind’ is a true summary of what Saral Jeevan intend to achieve and transform lives of people.