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Mon – Fri: 6pm
Starring noted Kannada cinema star Yash, Shiva is set on the backdrop of a business family.  Where Yash plays a role of Aditya


Mon – Fri: 6:30pm
Story of a simple middle class family in a beautiful village. Bharathi is a daughter of school teacher. She loves Ramu, a well


Mon – Fri: 8.00pm  
Shridhar and Nandini are couple and lecturers in the same college. Nandini stands by ethics and principles, and always


Mon – Fri: 8.30pm
This is a story of Pallavi, who is happily married with Santosh, a business man. Rohit was Pallavi’s college friend who always

Infotainment Programs

Prani Prapancha

All days:  5.15pm & 10.15am. 
Prani Prapancha takes children into the world of animals, and shows how interesting their life in the wild. Experience

Enjoy Makkale

All days: 5.00pm & 10.00am.
After popular Ajji Helidha Kathe, children can now enjoy new story series on Saral Jeevan. Enjoy Makkale presents

Ajjihelida Kathe

1st such experiment by a South Indian Channel, sure to be loved by the children of all age groups

Rochaka Aata

Every day : 3.15pm & 10.45am
Compilation of rare sports and hair-raising moments from sports world, the program is designed to be slick

Adbutha Bharatha 2

Mon—Fri: 10pm.
India, the cultural capital of the world, is also a home for many wonders and man-made mysteries.

Namma Interiors

Everyday 3.00pm & 10.30am.
An afternoon program for housewives to pick up quick and easy interior design skills.

Manavabhivrudhi Guru

Every day: 9.00pm & 7.00pm.
LIVE Program with renowned Vastu expert, Dr.Chandrasekhar Guruji. Who has over 5lac satisfied customers.


Everyday: 8am
Program series on famous places of spiritual & historical significance.The design, construction, architecture

Wide Angle

Insightful true stories with historic significance. While some are amazing facts, others are major stories that have been


Mon-Fri: 9pm.
Stories of Lord Krishna are legendary. Starting from Krishnavathara to Krishna as Sarathi for Arjuna, his life at every


Sat: 9.00 pm
The info & entertaining reality show is like a game show where anchor interacts and gives tasks to 4 young participates. They could be


Sun: 8.00 pm
The season 2 of popular college campus program is back with a lot more dynamism added to it. The program

Nane Nala Maharaja

 Sat-Sun: 5.30pm.
The male chef is always behind the bigger kitchen that caters to majority. Best of the restaurants to mega functions, male chef


Mon-Fri: 10:30 pm.
Popular program, Belliparade is back with new series. The focus in this season is the comedians.

Mane Aduge

Mane Aduge is unique and the focus is only on the food and the joy of making it.

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