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Infotainment Programs

Adbhutha Bharatha

Mon-Fri: 9pm.
India, the cultural capital of the world, is known for many man-made mysteries that date back.

Wide Angle

While some are amazing facts, others are major stories that have been drawing world’s attention


Tue-Sat: 11:30am
2nd season of the highly popular folk based program focuses on North Karnataka culture.

Mahaan Sadhakaru

Sat-Sun: 8:30PM.
They are true heroes. One in a million. They came from nothing, gone through the toughest times


Mon – Sat 10:30pm.
Popular program, Belliparade is back with new series. The focus in this season is the comedians.

Manukulada Olithigagi

Every day: 10am, 2pm & 6pm
LIVE Program with renowned Vastu expert, Dr.Chandrasekhar Guruji.

Olithu Madu Manusya

Mon-Sat: 11:25am, 5:25pm, 7:25pm & Sat-Sun: 9pm
They are unprivileged, old and struggling to meet the ends.

Hallimane Aduge

Every day: 5:30pm.
The program revisits olden days of authentic cooking with clay pots & firewood.

Ajjihelida Kathe

Mon-Sat-5.00pm & 7.00pm
1st such experiment by a South Indian Channel, sure to be loved by the children of all age groups

Seethe Lokamathe

Mon-Fri: 8pm
A mega mythology series on Epic Ramayana, the whole story from Seethe perspective.


Everyday: 8am
Pavitrakshetra decodes the background and presents to the viewers.