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Mon-Sat -5:30pm
Each episode is centered on a theme, and songs are composed with singers and live orchestra.

Manukulada Olithigagi

Mon-Sun-10.00am & 6.00pm
LIVE Program with renowned Vastu expert, Dr.Chandrasekhar Guruji.

Nimma Arogya Nimma Kaiyalli

Health is wealth, and your health is all in your hands: this is the essence of the program.

Ajjihelida Kathe

1st such experiment by a South Indian Channel, sure to be loved by the children of all age groups


Mon-Fri 9.00am
Punyakshetra decodes the background and presents to the viewers.

Belli Parade

The program goes back to golden period of Kannada Cinema, the early 70’s to late 90’s era.

Seethe Lokamathe

Mon-Sat-8.00pm & 2.00pm
A mega mythology series on Epic Ramayana, the whole story from Seethe perspective.

Beauty Tips

The program is all about quick and easy make up/beauty tips focusing young female TG.

Wide Angle

While some are amazing facts, others are major stories that have been drawing world’s attention

Mane Aduge

Mane Aduge is unique and the focus is only on the food and the joy of making it.