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Mon-Fri: 9.00pm.
Stories of Lord Krishna are legendary. Starting from Krishnavathara to Krishna as Sarathi for Arjuna, his life at every

The Kings of India

Mon-Fri: 10.00pm.
Prior to British era, the Indian subcontinent was ruled by many kings, and this was a golden era where India

Manavabhivrudhi Guru

Every day: 2pm & 6pm.
LIVE Program with renowned Vastu expert, Dr.Chandrasekhar Guruji. Who has over 5lac satisfied customers.

Mega Cinema

Sat-Sun: 10.30pm.
Over 100 years old Indian Cinema, the largest producer of cinemas and 2nd oldest in the world

Wide Angle

While some are amazing facts, others are major stories that have been drawing world’s attention

Mahaan Sadhakaru

Sat-Sun: 8:30PM.
They are true heroes. One in a million. They came from nothing, gone through the toughest times


Mon-Fri: 10:30 pm & 8:30 pm.
Popular program, Belliparade is back with new series. The focus in this season is the comedians.

Olithu Madu Manushya

Mon-Sat: 11:25am, 5:25pm, 7:25pm & Sat-Sun: 9pm
They are unprivileged, old and struggling to meet the ends.

Adbhutha Bharatha

Every day: 7:30pm.
India, the cultural capital of the world, is known for many man-made mysteries that date back.


Everyday: 8am
Program series on famous places of spiritual & historical significance.The design, construction, architecture

Nimma Arogya Nimma Kaiyalli

Sat-Sun: 8pm
Health is wealth, and your health is all in your hands: this is the essence of the program. Presented by renowned Doctors

Hallimane Aduge

Mon-Fri: 5:30pm.
HALLIMANE ADUGE (The Village Kitchens): The program revisits olden days of authentic cooking with clay pots & firewood.

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